Here at Moore Business Results we don’t just see ourselves as your webmaster, focused on getting your agenda up within the 72 hour timeframe. We can do that or we can set you up to do that.

What we want to do is to empower your outreach efforts. We prefer to work with a single point of contact at your Neighborhood Council who knows what the Council is planning and has done and is empowered to provide direction.

Ideally, we would like to hear what you have planned for your next meeting several weeks in advance. Do you have a speaker? A hot topic to discuss? We would like to promote your meeting to increase the civic engagement of your community.

Let’s face it. We’re busy people. 72 hours notice isn’t really enough time to let people know about an important meeting and get them there.

We would like to get your meeting on your website calendar. How about an article outlining the issues to be discussed and soliciting people’s opinions? Eblasts to get the word out and facebook posts timed to engage participation.

[blockquote style=”1″ author=”Sean O’Rourke,”]…one of the biggest news items to happen in Porter Ranch was the real estate acquisition of Shapell Homes via the Toll Brothers.  Wendy was able to react to this news item quickly and get out the information to our stakeholders via our website and social media channels.  It’s that on the ground mentality and quick turnaround that make us an asset to our stakeholders in Porter Ranch. [/blockquote]

How did your meeting go? Make any big decisions? Support any issues? Issue a Community Impact Statement? We would like to work with you to get the details and write it up for your review. Let’s get the word out: On your website, social media, eblast, and print.

We’d like to help you take your outreach to the next level. Contact us: