When your organization does something noteworthy, do you remember to tell your stakeholders about it? If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make any noise?

Your site should not just have the basics about your organization and your minutes. It should include the news about the great things you have done.

      • Issue a Community Impact Statement?
      • Write a letter in support of a project?
      • Invited a renown speaker?
      • Holding a forum on a critical topic?
      • Sponsored a significant community event?
      • Impacted bike lanes in your community?

These are the types of news items we want to help you promote before, during, and after.

Writing can be time consuming. We are here to help you get the word out, so you can get back to making the news.

We draft content for your review and approval to be used on your site, eblasts, print, and social media. Let’s get the word out!