Project Description

MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council had an old site that they were not using and wanted a fresh look on the user friendly WordPress platform. We created a big, bright open site with images highlighting the beauty of their community.

Due to the large Spanish speaking population, we not only included Google Translate, but incorporated Spanish text in key elements of the home page including the About and Sign Up call to action.

With a change in leadership, the Board is still considering how to manage the huge task of effective online outreach among all their other responsibilities.

Client: MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council,
Services: Template configuration, photography, content development

MacArthur Park Highlights

First Congregational ChurchI was excited to have the perfect picture of MacArthur Park already in my possession: an image of the 2015 Spheres of MacArthur Park exhibit, where 4-6 foot diameter balls painted with flowers were floating in the lake. Loved visiting that with my family.

Also a cool discovery was that upon photographing the First Congregational Church opposite the Felipe De Neve Branch Library, I learned that my mom sang in the children’s choir there when she was a little girl.

If you are doing a walking tour of the area, be sure to note the carving details on the Felipe De Neve Branch Library and the amazing figures on the MacArthur building at 6th and S. Park View St.